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Inflatable Portable Pontoons

Dockit inflatable rigid pontoons are lightweight and roll up.
Dockitjet inflatable rigid pontoons Dockitjet inflatable rigid pontoons with outboard
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Manufacture Under License

The Two Dockitjet 18.5ft Craft Available For Manufacture
Under License In Your Area or Country!

Subsidized "below cost" Hull and Deck Moulds
offered for the Dockitjet 5.6m RIB craft in your region
Dockitjet Hull Mold

Contact Us for details about Licensing!
Dockitjet Deck Mold

Inflatable Portable Pontoons

Dockit Pontoons: inflatable rigid pontoons are lightweight and roll up.

The Dockit portable inflatable mobile pontoon comes in a standard length of 33ft x 4.8ft but can vary and also can link together to form up different shapes for different marine or fishing applications.

Ideal to give the fisherman better access into deeper water or to tie float planes or boats to avoiding snagging or premature hull grounding.

The outboard adaption mount or motor shows its capability to be mobile and independent. 2 to 3.5HP outboards are recommended.

The pontoon has thousands of the new drop stitch fibres within the pontoon construction thus allowing for a higher pressure carry and more ridged effects as a walk on water pontoon/walkway/jetty/fishing platform.

Access from boat to boat or boat to shore would also be a popular feature to consider.

The pontoon flat packs down small for lower freight costs and simpler transportation from location to location.
The inflatable Pontoon being carried up the shore showing off the under water stabilizers.
Inflatable ridged pontoon on the shore showing the outboard adaption kit for mounting
2.5 to 3.5hp motors for independant power.
Dockit pontoon showing the amount of bouyancy on water hardly denting under three peoples weight.
33ft inflatable Dockit pontoon on water offering easy walking on water access
including its own mobile power outboard at the rear.
Dockit inflatable pontoon being paddled like a kayak or a big Standup paddleboat.
Dockit inflatable pontoon under way with its own portable power adaption
fitted for outboard suited from 2 to 3.5HP.

A jet boat and a jetski!
The Dockitjet 5.6m RIB (Patent Pending) is an unsinkable Rigid Inflatable Boat, powered by a Personal Water Craft, which can lock in and out of the Dockitjet hull at any time, in minutes.
The Dockitjet RIB can fit most PWC, becoming a boat that's great for group outings, safe and dry in chop, stable and spacious for fishing, diving or lunch, and still free to undock for play. The best of all worlds!

Bimini top with board racks and 'rocket launcher' rod holders makes great surfing and fishing modes.

  Centre Console with transom for outboard power.

  • All the benefits of an unsinkable RIB jet boat without giving up the excitement and performance of the PWC.

  • Carries up to 6 adults and gear

  • PWC and RIB separate for dual boat and jet-skiing.

  • Superior handling in choppy conditions.

  • Dockitjet RIB fits most PWC.


Length:  5.6m
Width:  2.3m
Weight: approx. 260kg
Draft at plane: 10cm
Accessories: Bimini top
Colour coding to ski


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*Specifications subject to change.

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