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Open Water RIB Kit inflatable sponsons for Personal Watercraft

Offshore fishing Guam PWC ski stabilizing sponsons.
The Dockitjet RIB Kit attached to the Kawasaki PWC ski helps stabilize the ski when fishing. The ski cannot practically be turned over in the water with the RIB Kit fitted. The ski also becomes unsinkable as the buoyancy of the RIB Kit exceeds the weight of the ski and rider. One can actually stand on the very side edge of the ski during fishing without risk of capsize. ​The Dockitjet RIB Kit stabilizers gives approximately 1/3 more deck space, ideal for fishing equipment storage and more working room when hauling fish on deck.
RIB Kit provides 380kg additional bouyancy stability to PWC ski.
Dockitjet RIB Kit provides 380kg of additional bouyancy and stability to your PWC ski.
PWC inflatable stabilizer sponson enables standing
Yamaha VX ski fitted out with the Dockitjet RIB Kit giving the ski heaps more edge to edge stability and buoyancy in non-planing and stationary situations, adding approx 380kg of positive flotation to the ski's buoyancy calculation.
PWC inflatable stabilizer sponson set up for fishing

Retro fit RIB kit to most jetskis. Added buoyancy gives a great stable
hull for offshore fishing
Inflatable collars/tubes sponsons give the Personal Watercraft an increase of approx 35% of usable deck space and an extra approx 380kg of positive buoyancy which is a huge advantage during open water offshore fishing or tow-in surfing, giving the ski a near unsinkable position during heavy wipeouts or roll overs.

Dockitjet RIB Kit inflatable sponson collar creates a unique re-stabilized deck in its stationary form without interfering with the skis performance in planing conditions. The PWC still maintains its strong penetration ability through breaking waves due to the tapering of the inflatable sponsons in the bow region.
Ideal for activity in high surf ocean conditions. For tow in assistance or surf rescue.

The inflatable tapered sponson RIB Kit creates a super stable stationary platform and approx 35% of added deck space. Ideal for offshore fishing and offshore SAR rescue situations. Patrol during swimming/triathlon events.

Ski rental activities gives the Personal Watercraft an added inflatable safety bumper when riding near swimmers or other boats nearby. The Dockitjet "Open Water" RIB kit Inflatable Sponsons can be either bolted on or glued to the rub strakes of the personal watercraft.

Jetski models covered at present are the Sea-Doo RXT and RXT and Sea-Doo Wake models from 155hp through to 255hp and years from 2004 through 2010. 2011 through 2016. Kawasaki Ultra and LX models from 2005 through 2016. Yamaha ski models work in progress.

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Super stable in open water. Dockitjet inflatable sponsons adds a safety sponson bumper around the edge of the PWC in case of collisions.
Dockitjet SAR Rescue conversion kits. High-surf unsinkable clip-on inflatable sponsons.
The Dockitjet RIB kit packs down small enough for
economic international courier door to door arrival.

Manufacture Under License

The Two Dockitjet 18.5ft Craft Available For Manufacture
Under License In Your Area or Country!

Also on offer are CAD /Vector files (Cutting parts)

Manufacture Under License


Subsidized "below cost" Hull and Deck Moulds
offered for the Dockitjet 5.6m RIB craft in your region
Dockitjet Hull Mold

Contact Us for details about Licensing!

"Also on offer are a set of CAD cutting file/vector files for producing the frames plus hull and deck parts in your country/region"
Dockitjet Deck Mold


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